case studies

Find out how we’ve been working with high growth businesses and start ups.

Lorraine Frost
Lorraine helps businesses in the South East to realise their growth potential and access the relevant support to help them achieve their goals, quicker and more efficiently through GrowthAccelerator.
Free executive briefing will provide business owners and managers with fresh inspiration and practical advice on how to build, manage and develop a high-performing team that shares common values and a core mission to keep growing.
Engineering design, aerospace, defence and energ y sectors
Energy efficient products
Food production
Energy efficient lighting and refrigeration
Contego help shield businesses from fraudsters and people adopting false identities.
Gordon Murray Design is talented automotive design team set out to break the industry mould of sub-contracting elements of vehicle design out to separate companies. They were determined to do it all in house - including prototyping and development. Today their squad of 32 employees are producing ground-breaking designs.
Huddle has quickly become a leading force in web-based collaboration for business. Its software helps companies replace endless chains of emails with easy online discussions, whiteboards for brainstorming, phone conferencing, content management and many other ways of communicating quickly and intuitively
macuvision Logo
Macuvision has received assistance under two programmes offered in the West Midlands. A short, 2-day intervention (“Diagnostic Report & Action Plan“) was followed by a further 10 days of support (“High Growth Business Support”).
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“IGS is already very close to securing a contract in Botswana and hopes to grow rapidly over the coming months”