Quality Manager

Hilary McNeill

Quality Manager

Contact Number:
01865 261 480

Hilary is our Quality Manager, with the responsibility for maintaining and continually improving our Business Management System, along with our certifications for compliance with international management standards ISO 9001 for Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management.

Hilary started her career as a scientist working in acoustical metrology at the National Physical Laboratory, where she provided direct measurement standards to the healthcare industry and the NHS. She then joined the NPL’s international office and was responsible for setting up and delivering on behalf of the DTI a scheme for Central and Eastern European scientists to gain secondments to industry and laboratories across the UK.

This association with business support in the UK has been a continuing theme in Hilary’s career. Prior to joining Oxford Innovation, Hilary worked for Serco, helping to deliver the Envirowise resource efficiency advice programme for UK business on behalf of Defra, Business Link services in the south of England and London, and the assessment process for applications to the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

Having enjoyed roles ranging from marketing and events management to programme and operational management, Hilary has found her niche in business management systems particularly quality and risk management. She enjoys her role across Oxford Innovation Services, and the challenge of providing effective processes and governance to support her colleagues in their front line role with UK business and industry.