We're here to help businesses reach their full potential. We provide practical support to help ambitious businesses and start-ups succeed.
  • Coaching, consultancy, mentoring, training, access to finance and export advice.
  • Connecting innovators with manufacturers, distributors, co-developers and suppliers overseas.
  • Assisting with starting a High Growth Business or developing a new business idea
  • Research, analysis and advice on economic and social development for the public and private sector
  • Help raise finance by connecting businesses with highly active potential investors (‘business angels’)

We respect each other and our clients

We listen carefully to each other and our clients, understanding the other person’s view non-judgmentally. Whilst challenge is at the core of what we do, we challenge with respect working hardto understand. We deliver to our promises as this is at the heart of showing respect for our clientsand our colleagues. Client ownership is the responsibility of all of us.

We “spark off” each other

We support each other whilst allowing individuals to challenge the collective thought. We allow the contrary perspective. We understand “my way is my way – it is not necessarily the best way – it is certainly not the only way”. We believe in the power of “and” – the weakness of “but”.

We believe in the open sharing of knowledge – the whole is greater than the sum of the parts

We believe in collaboration – talking to colleagues – picking up the phone – informal and spontaneous contact – sharing best practice. We work as one team sharing success and learning from failures, understanding each other’s roles and sharing a common goal. We are accessible, non – hierarchical building on individual’s strengths and drawing on the strengths of each other.

Innovation underpins all of our work

Innovation allows us to “do things and see things differently”. It is at the core of what we do internally and with our clients. We innovate to help create growth for our customers and continually improve what we do internally. It means we challenge conventional thought and don’t accept the status quo. It means we are open to new ideas, different ways of doing things and looking “outside the box”. We believe in the attitude of “always a solution”.

We focus on results

We focus on delivering results for our customers – internal and external. We support each other to achieve results working collaboratively to meet our goals and objectives. We recognize that success depends on the achievements of each one of us and all of us.

Oxford Innovation Ltd (OI) was founded in 1987 by Sir Martin Wood, co-founder of Oxford Instruments PLC - providing services to both innovative growing companies and to government bodies that promote enterprise.

OI was created as a spin-off from The Oxford Trust -an independent charitable foundation that works to encourage the study and application of science and technology.

Oxford Innovation Services Ltd (OIS) was then created from OI in November 2011 as a separate company to deliver major business support and coaching contracts. These activities had formerly been carried out within OI. Therefore, in practice, the activity that is now carried out within OIS Ltd has a trading history dating back to 1992.

OI and OIS are both part of SQW Group, a leading provider of research, analysis and advice on sustainable economic and social development solutions to public and private organisations.

SQW Group Ltd was created in 2006 following the merger of SQW Ltd and Oxford Innovation Ltd. It acts as the holding company for the entire group.  We work across the entire group on initiatives, drawing expertise from each other.

We have developed a unique suite of innovative tools to support and enrich the delivery of our key services including the highly regarded GROWTHmapper: GROWTHmapper® is a powerful on-line business diagnostic tool providing client businesses and their coach with valuable insights on key business areas and direction for growth.

GROWTHmapper® adds real value to our clients’ journeys and diagnoses the best areas of the business to focus on for most impact. We then coach CEOs and Senior Leadership teams to grow their businesses by focusing on those high impact areas.

In a competitive world, businesses need to innovate to stay ahead. That goes with the territory of being a business ambitious to grow.

To keep on track, your management team need to be clear about its priorities and ruthlessly focused on achieving them.

GROWTHmapper® collects and analyses the insights of your team to inform the coaching process, measure your progress and ensure that you stay ahead of the game.

  • State-of-the-art diagnostic tools to underpin business coaching
  • Identify areas of strength and areas for development
  • Used on multiple business support programmes
  • Trained coach to interpret assessment and help business identify priorities for action
  • Used by over 14,000 companies