Atom Universe

A virtual Park

I2s provided a solid springboard to bounce ideas off and provided a valuable objective and advisory role. Tanguy Dewavrin, Co-Founder and Director, Atom Universe.

Coaching a world- first

Established in 2012, Atom Universe is an independent developer and publisher of the world’s first and only cross-platform virtual world.
The unique world, which is available on both PC and PlayStation, lets its users explore multiple spaces, customise avatar looks, chat, dance, play games, meet people from around the world and socialise in a vast 3D social network.

Atom Universe’s mission is to deliver innovation and an immersive player experience. To date, while still in its early access phase, it has achieved over 700,000 downloads.

Engaging with its audience inspired the creation, and it is the company’s innovative adoption of a virtual world that enables it to make ongoing iterations and content, based on its users’ feedback.

From concept to release

Technical updates and modifications were frequent and provided a day-to-day challenge for the company.
After spending years researching, building and developing its own backend architecture, Atom Universe is now focusing on proving the model and increasing awareness.
In this time, it has produced a lean and creative set up with a strong and passionate team.

Strategic outlook

As it now looks to engage potential users and push the platform on the market, it reached out to Innovate2Succeed (i2s) to help form a strategy to improve time, capacity and idea management, and connect with investors.
Since teaming up with i2s, Atom Universe has been introduced to and pitched its business plan, and plans to organise further investor talks. The coaching programme has also honed ideas on the direction of investment and commercialisation, resulting in the formation of its future strategy.
Following its presence at the leading augmented reality (AR) event in San Francisco, AWE USA 2018, the company announced in June 2018 that it is now developing the world's first social AR app: Aura.

The next phase will represent Atom Universe’s move into mobile AR.