Chantelle Znideric Style Consultancy

Chantelle Znideric Style Consultancy

All in all though, the most important things is to enjoy the process and reach my end goal of being able to share my styling knowledge on a digital platform, - enthuses Chantelle.

Digital planning for the next 10 years

“I have learnt to build strategic elements into my business - idea-sharing with Innovate2Succeed has helped push both me and the business outside of its comfort zone” - said Chantelle Znideric, Owner, Chantelle Znideric Style Consultancy

Innovate2Succeed (i2s) provided Chantelle Znideric Style Consultancy with:
● Supportive and insightful coaching designed to help her business reach the next step
● The ability to make better decisions by encouraging questions, reflection and personal development
● Access to funds awareness and relevant resources
● The strategy and clear roadmap to achieve longer-term objectives

Style evolution

Hailing from a creative background, Chantelle started her career as a graphic designer. From crafting designs on paper, she moved onto people, and started working on her passion: fashion.

After ten years, Chantelle is still doing what works and continues to evolve to meet changing fashion trends. However, the digital fashion scene is a big market to enter.

While Chantelle holds face-to-face sessions, there has been a shift to digital services that now sees Chantelle increasingly order items online and then visit the customer to show them the chosen collection.

As Chantelle sees more of her business heading online, she was looking for support to build an evolved strategy that focuses on creating a digital platform where females head for style advice.

Skills to achieve

Working with i2s, Chantelle is developing ideas through i2s’ one-to-one tailored coaching. The programme introduced Chantelle to the SETsquared Entrepreneurship Programme to harness business skills, and review and evaluate the direction of her business.

“The programme was really interesting and it was a great chance to hear other entrepreneurs’ ideas — a brilliant learning experience” - added Chantelle.

Together, Elaine Kearney, an innovation advisor at i2s, and Chantelle talked through identifying customers and defining concepts, before preparing Chantelle for a pitch to a panel of investors.

A session on creating a value proposition encouraged Chantelle to engage with her existing clients to find out why they sought her help and what they hoped to get from her service.

Design thinking: Improving the shopping experience

Chantelle also attended a recent workshop on design thinking run by i2s’ innovation advisor, Lukasz Liebersbach, and Surrey graphic design company, FdK consultant.

Following the “eye-opening” discussion on design thinking, Chantelle is excited to move her business digital to match customer preferences and is applying for a specific design fund to help her achieve digital growth.

“It is amazing what resources are out there if we’re open minded - it is important to go for it and gain as much information and expertise as you can.”

Tools to go digital:
With a clear goal and plan of action, Chantelle is developing the creation of a digital platform through building demand for her online services and finding the right tools to deliver personalised advice at a low cost: “Over the next five years, I'll be busy working behind the scenes until it's ready for the big launch.”