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How Innovate2Succeed is helping Idea Reality commercialise inventions

As everything we do is rooted in innovation and ongoing creation, i2s stood out as a programme that would reflect our ethos. James Lamb, Managing Director Idea Reality

Commercialising inventions

“As everything we do is rooted in innovation and ongoing creation, i2s stood out as a programme that would reflect our ethos” - James Lamb, Managing Director Idea Reality.

First conceptualised by founder and managing director, James Lamb, in 2013, design company Idea Reality closely collaborates with inventors to generate and deliver idea designs and prototypes, successfully to market.
Answering the ‘why’
He considered: ‘What does the day-to-day process look like for inventors looking to get their products noticed?’

James quickly found that in order to achieve commercialisation, inventors need support from designers. He saw that people had bundles of creativity and idea generation but were unable to afford the assistance of companies, who were set up for businesses rather than individuals.

Daily activities

“Invention is a mindset that people need to have. It’s also important that people have the support, advice and pathway to turn it into a business and generate income,” added Lamb.

Design, invention ideas, patents and searches, registrations, brainstorming and research stations, concepts, development, prototyping and testing, 3D CAD, sales visuals and animations all form part of how Idea Reality help inventors bring their creations to market.

Organisational priorities

Before embarking on Innovate2Succeed’s (i2s) coaching programme, Idea Reality lacked clarity on whether to explore certain projects. Forming business priorities was a key area that Idea Reality strived to apply consistently in its day-to-day operations.

Through coaching and innovation advice, the company accessed an objective viewpoint and clarification, and was able to confidently share ideas.

This was “invaluable” and helped the company align priorities, review and explore business fundamentals, and carve out its strategy moving forward.

Preparing for future success:
With i2s, Idea Reality has Focusing on its marketing and longer-term business strategy, Idea Reality has connected with new approaches to attract and secure more customers. It has also received information on when to invest in clients and when to accept stakes in projects.

Since these discussions, it has developed a new proposal template to strengthen existing relationships and forge new partnerships through clear processes.

To the next stage:
Today, the business has expanded and progressed considerably, as too has James’ role in both strategy and operations. To help it prepare for its future, the company has now implemented an updated strategic approach and adopted a design thinking element.

As Idea Reality approaches its five year anniversary, looking ahead, founder James Lamb and the Idea Reality team strive to continue to build upon its digital and global presence in the marketplace and nurture relationships with strategic partnerships.