JuMelia Ltd

Innovate to Realise Future Goals
Innovate2Succeed provided it with:
● A trusted advisor and outside observer
● Invaluable insight and support
● A clear and achievable path

“Best of all has been seeking Eric's advice on matters relating to the future of the business” - Mel Redding, Director, JuMelia.

JuMelia: A high-potential SME

JuMelia uses the 50+ years’ of experience of its Directors working in the UK and overseas markets such as defence, space and national security, home affairs/justice, central and local government, health, utilities, Third Sector, travel, retail and leisure sectors to deliver growth and optimise operations for its clients.
Using knowledge and insights from previous work within the MoD, RAF, Defence Academy, Serco and Fujitsu, JuMelia helps businesses on a consultancy, project or fully flexible, call-off basis, providing sales/ bid strategy, networking/ lead generation, business development coaching and mentoring, market research and competitor analysis, as well as operational efficiency programmes.
JuMelia provides tailored support to organisations and consultancy on a range of business growth activities within organisations ranging from FTSE 100 to SMEs and frequently engages assistance from its network of specialist associates.

Managing growth

Initially the Directors took responsibility for building their own client portfolios. Using their own networks and experience, the business quickly acquired an impressive client base. JuMelia’s growth also benefitted from the networks and experience of non-executive directors (NEDs). At the same time, JuMelia expanded its team of associate consultants to meet the expanding client base.

But as with any expanding business, the pressures on the Directors grew, the opportunities for them to reflect on and refine the operation were squeezed. With the directors in different locations, one living in Bristol and the other in Hampshire this made regular engagement that much harder.
The Directors had recognised that the urgent priorities of client projects were crowding out the important task of building a solid foundation for future growth in the business. JuMelia sought the support of Innovate2Succeed to navigate them through the changes required in order to sustain growth in future. Before being introduced to Innovate2Succeed, JuMelia had not formalised its medium term objectives and plans.

Advice on Innovation

The initial discussions with i2s helped JuMelia consider the benefits and necessity of creating a more structured growth plan. Once a set of five year objectives had been clarified, the focus switched to the future needs of the business, the respective strengths and aspirations of the Directors and how best to grow the leadership team. The conversation is starting to bear fruit. Ensuring that the business has the capacity to sustain growth in future is now a key focus area.

Dr Eric Wood, part of the team at Oxford Innovation Services, is JuMelia’s innovation advisor and has used his knowledge and achievements in entrepreneurship, investment and consultancy to help JuMelia continue its success. Previously, the Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Cape Town, Eric has served on the boards of a number of young innovative businesses and has consulted widely to the private and public sectors.

“Firstly, it was clear that Eric's experience was going to be breath giving in the sense of having a trusted outside observer to reflect with” - Mel Redding, Director, JuMelia.

Innovate2Succeed gave JuMelia the 360 questionnaire which proved interesting as a way of exploring different perspectives on how to develop the business from its current position.

Building connections

Eric helped JuMelia through building connections and organising discussions to provide information. The programme also places an important emphasis on following these activities up to agree on next actions. With Eric’s direct support, JuMelia now has clear insight into the potential of future avenues including building it through recruiting staff and potential exit strategies.

With i2s and Eric’s input, JuMelia now has a clear and achievable path that will include the potential to take on an operations manager, which will have a significant impact on the business and enable it to expand.

With JuMelia’s long-term goals now at the forefront and running alongside their day-to-day operations, it plans to continue to grow its revenue and profit by 25% per annum and expand to take on more virtual staff to help achieve its long-term vision.