Mining Searches UK

Mining Searches UK have gone from a Cornish manual search company to a digitised UK wide organisation since receiving coaching from Oxford Innovation business coaches on the Transform For High Growth Programme.

I wanted to ensure we had a sustainable business plan underpinned by the right organisational structure, vision and values to secure the long-term growth of the business.


Redruth-based Mining Searches UK, established in 1978, uses geological data to mitigate mining risk to developers. They have developed an automated, database driven service for solicitors and conveyancing hubs dealing with domestic and commercial property mining searches. The service provides fast information on the presence of mines around a property.


Oxford Innovation business coach Will Cairley began working with Paul Raglan and his team at Mining Searches UK five years ago. Coaching sessions have focused on developing a computer-based geographic information system, communicating the business proposition and working with partners to expand reach and improve marketing of the business. As the team grew Will has also supported the Mining Searches leadership team with agile project management methods, which has facilitated a strategic approach and the streamlining of management meetings.


With the insight and support of their Oxford Innovation coach, Mining Searches UK have developed a fully automated, database driven, on-line service for solicitors and conveyancing hubs dealing with property mining searches. They have also integrated a computer based geographic information system to speed up searches from 10 days to a matter of minutes. The company have increased its service from regional to national, and have grown its team from 6-15, resulting in a turnover increase of more than 60% in the last few years.

"With Will's coaching, we have transformed the way we think, improved our management structure, applied efficiencies, doubled the size of the team and increased turnover by in excess of 60% in the last few years... I have used Will Cairley not so much as a coach but as part of the team."
-Paul Raglan, Mining Searches UK