Improving organisational decision-making

Our work with i2s has sent us a long way on this path, making both incremental gains and enabling us to design a new offer which we're in the process of taking to market. Jeremy Rix, Founder of OKO

About OKO

OKO helps clients make successful decisions that achieve better and more consistent outcomes. From their offices in Haslemere, Surrey, they work with clients like Sky, Heathrow, Macmillan and The Economist. Their work involves helping brands solve market and customer problems, and open up new opportunities, using a robust, structured and insight-led decision-making framework.

Business evolution

From 2014 to 2017, a rapid growth period saw OKO transform from a single-handed consultancy to implementing systems, processes and recruiting three team members to enable the business to scale.

“During this early period, it was important to establish ourselves as a credible partner to our clients. Quality, experience and stability were extremely important to us - we were driven by making sure our customers felt they were in a safe pair of hands, that OKO would consistently deliver,” highlighted Jeremy Rix, Founder of OKO.

Invaluable support

OKO was first introduced to the Innovate2Succeed (i2s) coaching programme in 2017, at a time when its initial three-year business strategy was coming to an end.

“We had built credibility, and had expanded our client base from two to twenty clients. Now we were looking to the next three year plan, and we wanted to shift gears to build on this platform of quality. This meant considering a new proposition and new products and services.”

The key challenge for OKO over the next three years is to more fully differentiate itself from established competitors, ensuring a similar level of growth through to 2021.

“Our work with i2s has sent us a long way on this path, making both incremental gains and enabling us to design a new offer which we're in the process of taking to market,” added Rix.

After a thorough assessment of their existing position, capabilities and competitors, i2S helped the OKO team to identify and build a new proposition and brand positioning, and to develop and test the products and services which would deliver it.

Securing growth

OKO has seen early gains in 2018, securing new clients and types of work. They are now fully focused on implementing the new proposition and branding, and have devised a marketing strategy to communicate this to existing and new customers.

“The struggle for a small business owner is having the time and energy available to make significant shifts forward when there are so many short-term priorities. Our work with i2s helped me and the team open up this time, structure our thinking and ensure we have in place a plan that we can put in place, despite other pressures.”

On target for 25% growth from 2017 to 2018, OKO can already see a return on this investment of time and energy.

Innovate2Succeed is available to SMEs that can demonstrate a high potential for growth through innovation. Some eligibility rules apply so contact Oxford Innovation Services on 01865 261487 or Innovate2Succeed@oxin.co.uk to find out more.