Pure Human Resources

From Corporate Director to Award-Winning Business Owner

Navigating sales, recruitment, employee engagement, management, and how to launch new offerings, i2s has been key in helping the business take on and deal with people-related strategies, enthuses Stephanie.

How one Hampshire-based business is accomplishing business goals and creating new ones with Innovate2Succeed.

Pure Human Resources is an award-winning business consultancy focusing on all aspects of HR and training. Whether you’re an SME who has employees with performance issues, a large organisation looking for a professional and reliable extra set of hands, or someone just starting up a business needing bespoke employment documentation, they have the expertise to support you.

After working in senior corporate HR Director roles, Managing Director Stephanie Barnett was made redundant in 2011. As the recession hit and as the industry only demanded one HR director for every 1000 people, job opportunities were sparse.

A Leap of Faith

With multiple qualifications in employment law and psychology and through the Institute of Directors, along with her years of industry experience, Stephanie knew that she wanted to continue her career within HR.

The quandary of what to do next raised the exciting and previously unexplored option of setting up her own HR consultancy. After a long search for a business name, Stephanie took inspiration from a cookery book: the name and business Pure Human Resources was born.

Although admitting that the first year was “horrendous”, during the following three years Stephanie developed her portfolio and made new and varied industry connections through short term placements and networking.

Knowing where to go next

Three years in, after recruiting her first employee and reaching a healthy level of turnover, the company had plateaued. In 2016, Stephanie decided to look for expert support to achieve the next level of growth; and was introduced to Innovate2Succeed’s (i2s) coaching programme.

“Navigating sales, recruitment, employee engagement, management, and how to launch new offerings, i2s has been key in helping the business take on and deal with people-related strategies,” enthuses Stephanie.

2018 has been a tremendously successful and inspiring year for both Stephanie and what is now a team of five at Pure. In May, i2s’s encouragement led to the move into a spacious and newly-refurbished office, which also incorporates Pure’s bespoke modern training suite. In September, Stephanie and the Pure team were recognised for their business success at the Test Valley Business Awards. Stephanie took home the Business Woman of the Year Award and the team came in third place in the Small Business of the Year category.

“The team camaraderie has made a massive difference to overall wellbeing, productivity and team connectivity — the team spirit is phenomenal”, Stephanie enthuses.

What’s on the agenda for 2019?

The company’s portfolio of open courses will launch in the New Year, with around 20 courses on employment law, interviewing skills and a range of HR-related content scheduled.

As part of the company’s 2019 strategy, the company will also develop their fixed fee recruitment package, designed to achieve successful appointments within a set budget and at less cost to the client than them undertaking the activity directly.

By utilising a CRM to the full, and understanding more about how SEO can support growth, Pure Human Resources is focusing marketing efforts, strategising, and designing an enhanced website with Innovation Advisor, Sara Carter.

Having hit their 2018 turnover target and attained all their business goals, award-winning Pure Human Resources is now looking to the next five years – and beyond!