Residential Property Search

Through i2s’s ongoing commitment, I am changing how I work by maximising the return with minimal effort while understanding the value of pulling in additional people for consultancy. Sally Rule, Founder, Residential Property Search.

Making property all about people

Residential Property Search’s founder Sally Rule first launched the company in 1999. With a people-centric approach and holistic service, Sally was motivated by her passion to ask questions, listen and make a difference. And as it gears builds up to celebrate its 20th anniversary, that remains unchanged.

Covering every aspect of the property landscape, Sally quickly became the go-to Property Person and Residential Property Search has helped movers to buy, sell and let, both here and abroad.

Asking and Listening

Since its inception, Residential Property Search has strived to bring the human element to the property industry.
“It is all about asking the right questions and listening to the answers,” explains Sally Rule, when discussing how her life experiences, passion and attitude impacts the success of Residential Property Search.
Considering how courtesy and service go a long way, Residential Property Search has organically grown, by building its local network and gaining word-of-mouth referrals.
When it comes to helping people buy and sell homes, the company believes that focusing on making a good first impression, being polite and having a pleasant presentation is imperative as “it is the little touches that make a big impact in the property world”.
Based on integrity, valuable insights and a generous amount of support Sally notes these are the business’s “key strengths”. By observing details and identifying what people truly want, she has nurtured her relationships and created a repeat customer base.
Residential Property Search is drawing on all of this experience and expertise over the past 30 years in business to bring together people and property. It is drawing upon this ‘know-how’ to teach and guide others on how to showcase their properties with confidence.

Navigating digital moves

Through the arrival of the digital arena, the property environment has transformed fundamentally over the past 20 years. Properties today are required to position themselves via web descriptions and social media placements.
This was the greatest challenge facing Residential Property Search when it was introduced to Innovate2Succeed’s (i2s) coaching programme.
Reaching out to overcome the hurdle of these digital challenges, having the confidence to engage on social media and honing ideas and creativity are the biggest factors Residential Property Search sought to overcome with the support of i2s.

Offline to online

Trust and reliability are paramount to Residential Property Search’s ethos and so communicating its high quality and integrity via a range of channels, both online and offline, continues to be its core goal and shift as it works with i2s.

“Through i2s’s ongoing commitment, I am changing how I work by maximising the return with minimal effort while understanding the value of pulling in additional people for consultancy,” explains Sally Rule, Founder, Residential Property Search.

Moving forward, Residential Property Search will continue to focus on transforming people’s lives through transactions and making small changes that achieve significant differences.