Stirling Dynamics

Our investment in GrowthAccelerator has paid for itself many times over. Stephen Judd, Managing Director

About the business

Stirling Dynamics provides mechatronic systems and specialist engineering design services for the aerospace and defence, space, marine and energy sectors. From offices in the UK and US, Stirling Dynamics delivers world-leading technologies and engineering capabilities to a global customer base, enhanced by a growing network of international partners providing in-country support.

The challenge

In 2007 I was fortunate enough to win a place at Kellogg University in Chicago on a Strategic Marketing course. Taking part in this changed the direction of the company. The business plan that I came back from Chicago with wasn’t just based on the academic detail, but also on the conversations I had with other professionals from a range of business sectors who had amazing experience and knowledge that I could draw upon for Stirling Dynamics. Convincing engineers that we wanted to push the business forward and develop new technologies was easy. The real problem came in managing change and growth and getting the whole company to go in the same direction at the same time.

The right advice

This is where GrowthAccelerator has been hugely influential - particularly our Growth Coach, Ian Leath. He has helped to bring the management team together and get us moving the company forward as a well oiled machine.
When we first approached GrowthAccelerator I will admit that I was a little bit sceptical. However, for our sized company the cost was very reasonable and represented a fairly safe investment so we agreed to give it a try. The investment would eventually pay for itself many times over.
We were given a number of different CVs for coaches and Ian’s jumped out at me straight away as he had a perfect match in industry experience for our company. Once I’d spoken to Ian I discovered we had a very like-minded approach to the whole process, which was reassuring.
I was looking for someone who could add something new to the company; someone who had been through the growth of a business that we were looking to implement. Ian had that experience, could tell us what our customers were looking for and give us insights into what and how we needed to change in order to become the company that we wanted to be.

What's next for Stirling?

We have seen a huge opportunity to take our ethos of intellectual property creation and innovation into new areas, diversifying from our traditional markets of aerospace and
defence. We are exploring a number of sectors including energy, recycling, space and aircraft manufacture.
We are pushing the company forwards as we continue to achieve high levels of growth. We are working on disruptive technologies and developing those wherever we see a need
and an opportunity to create value in the long term. Our goal is to become a world leader in every business sector
we enter.