The One Stop Cleaning Shop

Managing Director Nikki realised last year that although the company was returning a good profit, significant growth had stalled. It was at this critical stage that Nikki discovered GrowthAccelerator

Personally since working with GrowthAccelerator I am working harder & am more focused than I have ever been. Nikki Watt, Managing Director

The One Stop Cleaning Shop started trading at the beginning of the swinging 60’s in Bristol. During their first decade they established 4 different retail shops, building up a reputation based on excellent service. Now in 2015, and 55,000 Henry vacuum sales later, their business has expanded significantly.

The One Stop Cleaning Shop (OSCS) has always approached their industry from a unique angle. Not content with simply selling cleaning products, their proposition is to offer advice, guidance and training before, during and after a sale to ensure their customers get the best possible experience. More than this, they look to add humour and a sense of fun to doing chores. Described by Nikki Watt as ‘online but not faceless’, OSCS is about ‘making mops and buckets as interesting and sexy as possible’. With such a strong and positive identity, OSCS built the business year on year – but the x factor to make that significant growth shift was illusive.

Nikki realised last year that although the company was returning a good profit, significant growth had stalled. It was at this critical stage that Nikki discovered GrowthAccelerator, a high growth SME business support service backed by government. The service provides each business with a Business Growth Manager (BGM) to assist in securing next stage growth. Nikki’s BGM, Alex Vincent, helped her select an independent business specialist, Jo Hale. Jo’s specialist area is man-management and she understood that Nikki, one of the business’ biggest assets, was too stuck in the day to day business of the company and quickly began helping her develop her team’s independence. This approach allowed Nikki to step back from the business, without impacting their high quality customer service, and move into a fully proactive sales model. “Sometimes when you’re caught up in the heart of a growing business it’s hard to see the wood from the trees. Taking the time to step back and not be in the business can allow you to go out and sell the business.”
Jo Hale, GrowthAccelerator Coach. Since Jo’s involvement, things are looking bright for the OSCS’ future.

Their predicted turnover for the 2014/15 financial year is up 29% from the previous year and Nikki is now looking for new premises to deal with their extra business. The extra income means that the company is now considering the possibility of acquisition, which would allow them to meet their increasingly national market. The team’s ability to go out and chase leads has increased significantly, and both the number and scale of new clients is up accordingly.
In a recent coup the company won the contract to supply cleaning products to all the bathrooms at the Olympic Stadium. Nikki’s BGM, Alex Vincent said;
“The GrowthAccelerator service is perfect for small to medium enterprises, such as, The One Stop Cleaning Shop and Nikki Watt – as they have the appetite to succeed and simply needed timely, objective and experienced input to help them shape that all important next stage. The exceptional progress that both Nikki and the company have made, symbolised in their very recent Olympic Stadium win, is really satisfying to see.”