Digital dividend’ productivity boost for UK’s micro firms

The UK’s army of micro-businesses could boost the economy by £16.6bn with greater adoption of five key digital technologies shown to supercharge productivity.

The largest ever study of so-called micro-businesses – those employing between one and 9 staff – conducted by the Enterprise Research Centre is the first to put hard numbers on the effect digital adoption can have on productivity for the smallest firms.



Business growth snapshot shows Brexit ‘crunch spots’

  • Firms in Northern Ireland and parts of the North of England show strong growth and productivity gains in latest annual study of SMEs
  • Coastal and rural areas display lower numbers of fast-growing firms, leaving them vulnerable to economic shock
  • Experts warn threat of more complex trading arrangements could undo recent success of firms in some regions


i2s supports consulting business reach 40% turnover increase

With the objective of discovering efficiency gains, Solvaa connects, automates and streamlines your business and financial processes.


€30bn of Horizon 2020 funding announced



International Trade – Santander Trade Barometer

UK Businesses need greater support to achieve their international trading potential. The Barometer reports that the biggest barriers for those not currently trading internationally...