Request for Proposals – Mobile Phone Provision for ‘Manufacturing Growth Programme II’ project

Deadline: Saturday 30th March 2019 – 00:00am

 Introduction, background and business context

Oxford Innovation Services (OIS) is the UK’s leading specialist coaching company.  We work with businesses at all stages of development to maximise their growth potential, benefiting both the enterprise and its people through uniquely tailored business support programmes.

OIS has been awarded contracts to deliver a range of business support programmes in the UK. This procurement is for a mobile phones contract funded by the Manufacturing Growth Programme II (MGPII). The project is in the final stages of contracting for a 36-month operational period, starting 1st April 2019. MGPII will be delivered under the “Economic Growth Solutions” (EGS) branding, which is a division of OIS.

The MGPII project will be financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), part of the European Structural Investment Fund (ESIF) portfolio 2015 to 2020.  The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is the managing authority for the fund, which was established by the European Commission to help improve the competitiveness of SMEs by increasing their capacity and capability and promoting entrepreneurship to strengthen the pipeline of high growth businesses across England.

OIS will have responsibility for delivering the second phase Manufacturing Growth Programme across a number of UK regions including the West & East Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber and parts of the East of England.

OIS wishes to procure mobile phone services for this ERDF programme, scheduled to be completed by 31st March 2022. The tender covers project activity over the following geographical areas;

•           Black Country

•           Coventry & Warwickshire

•           EM3

•           Greater Birmingham & Solihull

•           Greater Lincolnshire

•           Hertfordshire

•           Humber

•           Leeds City Region

•           Leicester & Leicestershire

•           Solent

•           South East

•           South East Midlands

•           Stoke and Staffordshire

•           The Marches

•           Worcestershire

•            York, North Yorkshire and East Riding


The rational and summary of MGP activity is provided below;


Manufacturing is a key component of England’s economic recovery – 11% of UK GVA, 54% exports. Whilst productivity has improved significantly over recent decades, England lags behind its major industrialised rivals, with the gap to the rest of the G-7 widening year-on-year.  This gap has a major effect in heavily manufacturing dependent regions, such as the Midlands and Yorkshire/Humber. Addressing manufacturer performance is central to both the National and local ESIF strategies covered by this project.

ERDF funds provide an opportunity to assist eligible SME manufacturers to co-invest in growth / improvement projects – addressing their ongoing needs by developing a locally specialised Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) in participating LEP areas and exploiting the proven delivery methods and networks of MAS – whilst seizing the opportunity to tailor the programme to local needs – something that was constrained under the national MAS model.

The MGPII service will provide locally-focused front-line teams – supported by centrally managed enabling staff to provide:

·         collaboration with local Growth Hubs to engage eligible manufacturers seeking to improve/grow

·         business and specialist manufacturing advice to support them to develop viable action plans for growth/improvement

·         support specify and procure suitable external expertise/resources to implement action plans

·         provide ERDF co-investment grants towards the SMEs cost of implementation

·         support to maximise the growth/improvement returns from their investment – as part of their broader local growth hub customer journey.

Collective analysis of LEP ESIF strategies alongside discussions with each LEP/Growth Hub, shows the above delivery process should be configured locally to provide four complimentary intervention options:

  1. Support for Priority Sectors (including Rural) – All participating LEP’s ESIF strategies indicate the need to support priority sectors, with Advanced Manufacturing, Low Carbon and Food & Drink being key priorities for all LEPs. Sector Growth Engagement Initiatives and support to procure specialist sector-expertise will be offered in collaboration with Growth Hubs.
  2. Manufacturing Innovation – providing specialist Manufacturing Growth Managers (MGMs) skilled in manufacturing innovation. These advisors will develop one-to-one MGP innovation projects with clients and act as interfaces with local innovation infrastructure such as universities and research centres (complementing/liaising with Growth Hub support).
  3. Manufacturing Leadership – delivering leadership and management support to a growing manufacturing SME’s management team, allowing more strategic management and better implementation of growth plans, increasing the likelihood of success and the level of success possible.
  4. Manufacturing Support Grants – providing manufacturers with broader grants to encourage/assist co-investment in improvement projects with third party Manufacturing Growth experts.

Successful delivery of these interventions will result in 2,473 additional manufacturing jobs across participating LEP areas by financially supporting 1,955 manufacturing SMEs


Key objectives of the brief

To obtain competitive tenders from suitably qualified providers for the following services:

  • Mobile phone services (including hardware) for all EGS field-based staff and key employees across all geographical areas covered by the MGPII project.

Further information can be found in the Request for Proposal document (see links below)


Indicative total contract costs are anticipated at circa £39,200 for the complete duration of the MGPII contract (ex. VAT).

Breakdown of indicative Monthly Costs;

  • April 2019 – October 2021 (31 Months) – £1,200 per month
  • November 2021 – March 2022 (5 Months) – £400 per month

How to respond to this brief

Please download the Supplier Questionnaire and Request for Proposal document using the link below for further information and instructions.

Suppliers must confirm their expression of interest by e-mailing the contact details given below to ensure you receive any further information and clarifications.

Oxford Innovation contact details


Paul Gosling, ERDF Programme Manager

Address: Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0PB

Telephone: 01664 501 315

Timing and selection process

 The schedule below outlines key timings.

Action Date
Brief published Wednesday 20th March 2019
Deadline for clarifications Wednesday 27th March 2019 – 10.00am
Deadline for response to brief Friday 29th March 2019 – 11.59pm.
Notification of successful tender W/C 1st April 2019


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