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What is Swindon & Wiltshire SME growth?

The SME Growth Project, delivered under the Swindon and Wiltshire Growth Hub will provide bespoke advice and support to both individuals who have an ambition to start a new business and existing businesses who want to scale up and grow.

Expert coaching and grant funding is available to support individuals and businesses to:

  • Explore new business ideas
  • Start-up and scale up
  • Grow in regional, national and international markets
  • Engage in innovation processes
  • Increase internal capabilities
  • Develop focused growth strategies
  • Update or introduce new business models

Growth diagnostic

Dedicated Business Advisers will undertake a diagnostic of needs and develop a tailored action plan, providing 12 hours of intensive expert support through a combination of 1:1 coaching and 1:many masterclasses. Networking opportunities and referrals to other providers as required will also be available.


For more information on the diagnostic and the tools we use please visit GROWTHmapper® tool, www.growthmapper.com

Does my business qualify?

In order to be eligible for support, individuals and businesses must be:

  • Based in the Swindon and Wiltshire LEP area or looking to move to the area to conduct their primary business activities
  • Operating in ERDF eligible sectors[1]
  • Able to confirm that they have not received over €200,000 of De minimis state aid support in the last 3 years
  • An entrepreneur or start-up who can demonstrate that they are either:
    • Not registered with Companies House or with HMRC as sole-trader
    • A Sole-trader registered with HMRC and operating for less than 12 months (based on date of first sales invoice)
    • A Company registered with Companies House and trading, as the registered company, for less than 12 months (based on date of first sales invoice)
  • Or;
  • An existing business who can demonstrate that they are an SME and:
    • Employ fewer than 250 staff and;
    • Either have a turnover of no more than €50m or a current balance sheet of €43m
    • Not be more than 25% owned by a firm who do not comply with the preceding criteria.


[1] The following sectors are not eligible for ESIF support: banking & insurance, retail, child minding or nurseries, fishery and aquaculture sectors, primary production, processing and marketing of agricultural products/ raw food, the coal, steel and shipbuilding sectors, the synthetic fibres sector, or education or an area supported by a local authority.

Our Team

Our team of innovation advisers, together with a specialist network of experts, will provide
you with the support you need to grow your business.


SME growth NEWS

Business growth articles and publications from our team of advisers and experts.



Our friendly innovation advisors and specialists are ready to help you grow your business.

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We have supported over 6,000 SMEs in the south from a wide variety of sectors.

Here are a few examples of the businesses we have helped with tailored and dedicated coaching, resulting in the adoption of innovative processes, cultures and products.


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"We’re excited to harness the knowledge and experience that OIS has built up over more than two decades to provide tailored support to existing and prospective customers".

Elaine Kearney, Innovation Advisor & Programme Manager