A new tailored support programme -Innovate2Succeed

Oxford Innovation Services launches new tailored support programme Innovate2Succeed

Leading coaching and training providers for high growth businesses, Oxford Innovation Services (OIS), has launched a new training programme, Innovate2Succeed, aimed at SMEs with registered businesses in the Surrey and Hampshire Enterprise M3 LEP catchment area.

Harnessing innovation to create value, Innovate2Succeed, is a fully-funded, one-to-one, tailored coaching programme that is designed to provide bespoke specialist support to established businesses.

For over 20 years, OIS has established itself as a dominant supplier of support and skills, providing specialist information on investment and finance; business development; innovation, sales and marketing; business leadership and internationalisation.

OIS continues to focus on these key areas to enable businesses to accelerate innovation and growth to create a sustainable future.

In 2012, OIS was selected as a trusted delivery partner of the successful government-funded business growth programme. Throughout its partnership, OIS built local collaborations, networks and opportunities for SMEs through the provision of advice, coaching and connections.

During the three-year programme, the training providers connected with more than 7,200 companies, helped to create and/or safeguard over 9,000 jobs, generate approximately £400 million in wealth and raise over £100 million in external funding for companies.


OIS has developed GROWTHmapper®, an intuitive tool designed to nurture successful high growth businesses, through combining management and team insight with OIS’s practical knowledge and experience. To extend OIS’s mission to encourage innovation, GROWTHmapper® is also available to Innovate2Succeed businesses.

Innovate2Succeed is supported by:

  • The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), which provide support for SMEs to help them innovate and grow, and
  • Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, which works with companies to de-risk, enable and support innovation.

Collaborating with Enterprise M3 (em3) Growth Hub, Innovate2Succeed aims to help businesses make decisions with better confidence through enabling them to assess and analyse their business, develop and implement innovative processes, and consider their next steps to further innovation.

By adopting a tailored and adaptable approach, Innovate2Succeed’s specialists help businesses to understand their specific marketplace, plan for growth, harness ideas, manage the innovation process and develop an innovation culture.

“We’re excited to harness the knowledge and experience that OIS has built up over more than two decades to provide tailored support to existing and prospective customers,” says Elaine Kearney, Innovation Advisor and Team Leader, Innovate2Succeed.

For more information on Innovate2Succeed’s fully-funded, one-to-one tailored support programme, visit em3.oxfordinnovationservices.co.uk

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