Eileen Modral

Eileen has responsibility for leading all activity related to the Oxford Investment Opportunity Network (OION), including development of training and skills for the investment members and companies.

Established by Oxford Innovation in 1995, OION is the most successful technology business angel network in the UK. In the March 2006 Budget, OION (with partners) secured the UK’s first ‘Pathfinder’ Enterprise Capital Fund, a £25m angel co-investment fund based from private investors and the DTI. During 2007 Eileen led on due diligence negotiations for OION to establish the Bank of Scotland Co-investment Programme. BoS Growth Equity set aside £2m to invest in companies during 2008 alongside OION investors. Investments are made on equal terms; £ for £, share for share.

Previously Eileen was Manager of the Thames Valley Investment Network (TVIN), Oxford Innovation’s third network and Oxford Early Investment network, for early stage companies.