From 1989 and throughout the digital revolution, Joe has worked for ‘in-house’ and ‘outsourced’ broadcast engineering operations with Channel4, Discovery, Disney and Sony. Over that period convergence in information technologies led to consolidation, automation and a need for new approaches to service delivery and supplier relationships. Change was a constant factor.
Working with supply chains and service lifecycles within technology-led organisations, Joe has adapted to the needs of forward thinking manufacturers and service providers. He brought together the requirements of operations, suppliers and clients with process-based resource management tools and techniques to offer accurate, consistent feedback to stakeholders.
Joe believes that when the balance between people and technology is right, advantages are seen throughout the business. Benefits come from a clearer understanding of how the business and each individual works locally. Building on these benefits brings a broad appreciation of the interdependence between the people, their organisation and the wider connected business community.
Joe combined his ideas and experiences into two research projects looking at ‘Supply Chain Value in areas of fast developing technology’ and ‘Supply Chain Management and Technology Contract negotiations’. He feels the creation of time and space within business workflows by way of better efficiency and the introduction of new technology can be a win-win situation for staff and management. Joe believes that achieving consistently good results is aided by innovation, continuous improvement and the ability to manage change effectively across all aspects of service delivery.