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Angela Hsiao

High Growth Coach

Contact Number:
01872 300116

Transform Cornwall

Angela is an experienced media and marketing professional. Previously based in London, she led on global media strategy and execution for EMEA countries on tech and entertainment brands Intel, Sony, Pepsi, Disney and Electronic Arts.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Sydney, majoring in Economics and Marketing.

In 2006, Angela moved to London where she started working at Universal McCann on Intel as the EMEA B2B lead. In 2010, she started working at OMD on SONY, Pepsi and PlayStation where she led a global award winning campaign for the launch of the PS4 across Europe.

Before moving to Cornwall, she was working at Havas Media Group, leading the media strategy and planning for Disney and Electronic Arts.

The combination of her strong understanding of branding, strategy, digital marketing, ability to analyse numbers for insights and harness creativity are key for marketing success.