Business Development Specialists

Derek Tanner

Business Coach

Contact Number:
01872 300116

Breakthrough Cornwall

Derek helps businesses acquire the knowledge, networks and skills they need to exploit change, innovate and grow effectively. He strongly believes that competitive businesses strive to harness knowledge, creativity and talent to innovate and deliver continuous improvement.

Derek works closely with small and medium sized businesses with high growth potential in Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire; helping them to stand out from the crowd, realise opportunities and capitalise on their ideas.

In his current role at Oxford Innovation, Derek offers solid, fit-for-purpose advice partnering business leaders to identify the mission critical factors that inhibit growth through innovation. As part of the wider Business Growth Service, his role is to facilitate high impact, specifically tailored interventions that are allied to a clear plan of action. The aim, to realise high level targeted growth in the shortest possible time. Derek brings a wealth of multi sector and facilitation experience to help people and teams recognise their goals.

Derek offers great all round experience having spent 20 years helping businesses to strategically plan, innovate, manage change and access supportive networks to maximise commercial opportunities. Derek helped to create British Computer Societies’ entrepreneurs specialist group; working with technology thought leaders from business, finance, universities and government to build supportive ecosystems, champion entrepreneurship and promote open innovation and knowledge transfer networks. For many years he specialised in providing multi sector strategic development support throughout the South West; as part of a team that enabled 414 high growth businesses to achieve average sales growth of 25% and employment growth of 17%. He possesses extensive coaching, mentoring and leadership development experience; most recently as a regional Director for the world’s largest international, experiential leadership development organisation.
Law Degree and Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations
ILM Certificate, Coaching and Mentoring in Management