Access to Finance Specialists

Yvic Carr

Business Finance Specialist

Contact Number:
01872 300386

Yvic has amassed experience in the financial sector across a number of sectors, from fund management and private equity to currency markets.
Initially developing his career in the City of London, working as a Fund Manager for a large US fund management company, Yvic gained managed a range of large equity pension and mutual funds delivering index tracking Beta led performance to clients.

Yvic gained further experience in the Financial Sector as the lead Fund Manager for the South West Loans Fund, an ERDF-backed investment vehicle managed to maximise job creation and economic benefits to the South West economy as a whole.

Now working as a Finance Specialist for the Access to Finance team Yvic is passionate about delivering client led outcomes in order to assist Cornish businesses to attain the funding that they need to grow and succeed.